Active Shooter Massacre Survival System

As described in the press release to Fox news, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and many other news outlets

CRI - Counter Terrorism Training School, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has developed a program that will help the general public, school officials and law enforcement officials prevent tragedies like those that took place at Santa Monica College, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, Aurora, Co., Fort Hood, Columbine High School, and others. CRI has offered free and low cost training to several police departments and local schools on  Active Shooter Survivability training, as well as spoken with a number of local and national news agencies, hoping to help the public become more informed. CRI has offered “Tactical Response to Active Shooter” training courses at our location for many years, and requests for this training have increased due to the number of recent tragedies. 


Through CRI's unique Active Shooter Survivability Program, trainees have learned that an Active Shooter with little or no weapons training can take out a classroom full of students and staff in fewer than 40 seconds. No law enforcement agency can, or should be expected to respond to an Active Shooter massacre in fewer than 40 seconds. 


This is what drove Doron Benbenisty, the owner and training program developer, to find a solution for those who find it too difficult to make it to CRI for training. Doron has put together this comprehensive video, Active Shooter Massacre Survival Program, as a solution to these problems. This program will teach viewers not only how to respond during an Active Shooter event, but also give pointers that can help prevent events like these from occurring in the first place. This training is essential for everyone in this day and age.

This training is the only one of its kind in the world. The video trailer linked ,gives a glimpse of this phenomenal program.

The staff and management of CRI - Counter Terrorism Training School, Inc. are available to answer questions and discuss concerns about Active Shooter events. Please feel free to contact CRI via email at or by phone at 702-222-3489.


           Below is what program contains


  • Many active shooter events have happened in classrooms, where students and teachers didn't know how to react.  In this program, you will learn how to survive an active shooter event in the classroom. 
  • Learn how to counter an active shooter by using a folding knife.
  • Learn how to survive an attempted execution by an active shooter.
  • Learn how to disable the active shooter's weapon during a massacre in progress.
  • Learn how to function during a gunfight with a potential active shooter.  Realistic tests and experiments reveal shocking facts.
  • Did you know that in the Connecticut massacre, 3 half-inch books could have stoped the active shooter's 9mm rounds?  You will learn what material can provide you cover and protection against incoming rounds.
  • Learn how to deal with an active shooter around your vehicle.

  • Learn how to defend against an active shooter in a restaurant, on the street and in other public places.
  • Active shooters have used handguns, shotguns, rifles and, in some cases, even used knives.  You will learn how to disarm the active shooter from his weapon(s).
  • During an active shooter event, you may need to disarm a weapon from the shooter and use it against hime.  Or, if you have a CCW license and a weapon of your own, we will teach you how how to perform disadvantaged weapon draw against the active shooter.
  • And much more!

An active shooter event can happen at any place and at any time.  At this time, no one has the knowledge that  CRI is revealing within this program.  So, if you want to know how to survive an active shooter event, you are already taking the right step along with other people that have already purchased this program. We have received overwhelming response that states how simple it is to apply these techniques in order to survive a hostile encounter with an armed gunman.   Many are also troubled that this information was not available to the victims of several active shooter massacre events that happened within the last three years.

So, don't wait.  Order this program and remember that there are people that are waiting for your safe return home every day after you leave your home.  This is reason we  have made the program so affordable.  The regular price for this program is $597, But we Want to invite you into our program for only $297 for all the 12 training video modules.
Click the 'add to cart' button and start preparing for your and your familiy's safety today.  May God keep you and your loved ones safe.

Active shooter massacre survival system

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